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MEB - Museo Ebraico di Bologna

via Valdonica 1/5
40126 Bologna
Tel. +39 051.2911280
Fax +39 051.235430



The Jewish Museum of Bologna has opened to the public its specialized library.

The library was set up thanks to major donations and purchases made by the Museum; its purpose is to preserve and promote Jewish heritage, to enhance its knowledge  in the community of scholars and, generally speaking, of all the Jewish culture enthusiasts.

Between 2012 and 2013 it was catalogued and made accessible to the public in the National Library System (SBN Sistema Bibliotecario Nazionale), in the OPAC of  the library center of Bologna(Polo bibliotecario bolognese), and in the national one; it was just by cataloguing, that it has been revealed how rare many of its elements are.

There are texts on ancient, modern and contemporary history; geography; religion and tradition; philosophy and psychology; social Sciences; literature and art; comics.

It also includes a children’s section; works of local historians who increased the knowledge of their territory; multimedia materials (movies and music CDs), important research tools such as the new edition of the Encyclopaedia Judaica or the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust.

The Foundation’s current assets derive primarily from three main funds: the Canarutto fund, the fund of the Jewish Museum and the Heiman fund, to which should be added contributions.

A special mention should also be given to a small but valuable fund, recently donated by Professor Anna Grattarola.

Consultation by appointment only.

Disability Support Service to enable access to documentary material.

For information and appointments;



Tel.051 6569003


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