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museo di qualita 

MEB - Museo Ebraico di Bologna

via Valdonica 1/5
40126 Bologna
Tel. +39 051.2911280
Fax +39 051.235430


Education section

The didactic proposal of the Jewish Museum of Bologna (MEB) offers a rich program of interactive meetings, preparatory classes, animations workshops for primary and secondary schools of the Region, interesting historic pathways for high schools and guided tours.

Educational activities are tailored to different orders and school levels and include an interactive participation of students and teachers; their aim is  to develop an engaging and stimulating approach to the history of a tradition and a culture that has for centuries been deeply rooted in the regional and national context, although it has maintained its strong identity.

Guided tours to Jewish museums and sites in Emilia Romagna, in Italy and abroad are also arranged.

Teachers can request advice on history education.


For information and reservations



(please enter school name, number of students, date, time and the selected didactic proposal)

tel. 349 5480585 - from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.

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